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from £1.49

Non-woven (80gr) apron which can be coloured in, supplied with four felt tip pens.

from £3.91

Zora apron with adjustable neck strap. Adjustable apron with buckle around neck and tie back closure. Includes two front pockets and towel loop. 90% Polyester, 10% 240 g/m² Cotton.

from £4.11

Reeva 100% cotton apron with tie-back closure. Kitchen apron with tie back closure. 100% Cotton.

from £4.19

Cotton apron with front pocket (145g/m2).

from £4.22

Apron made of 200 g/m² recycled cotton polyester blend. Features 2 adjacent pockets with a combined size of 45 x 20 cm, and a 1 metre tie back closure. Recycled cotton is manufactured from pre-consumer waste generated by textile factories during the cutting process. Due to the nature of recycled cotton, there may be a very slight colour variation. This feature distinctly adds to a more authentic appearance. Length of the neck strap: 55 cm. 80% Recycled cotton and 20% Recycled Polyester, 200 g/m2.

from £4.61

8oz (220gsm) poly cotton apron

from £4.73

Cotton (180g/m²) apron.

from £4.76

100% polyester apron with bottle opener.

from £5.85

100% polyester, drip dry waist apron in an amazing selection of colours. One size. Prices are for all colours.

from £6.11

Viera apron with 2 pockets. Twill fabric apron with 2 pockets and 1 metre tie back closure. 240 g/m² - 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton.

from £6.16

Lega short apron with 3 pockets. Twill fabric apron with 3 pockets and 0.9 metre tie back closure. 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton.

from £6.55

65% polyester/35% cotton. Weight: 245gsm. Short bar apron with pocket or without. Suitable for industrial laundering.



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