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from £0.54

Retractable utility knife with replaceable 80x9mm, 12-segment snap-off blade. Integrated blade-snapping tool and pocket clip.

from £0.79

Handy kitchen aid for measuring the right amount of spaghetti to prepare for 1 to 3 people.

from £0.84

Plastic storage box for an apple.

from £1.12

Measuring scoop that holds up to 100ml of fluid or granules. Available in a range of colours.

from £1.41

Shakey salad container set. Convenient storage for salads on-the-go. Includes fork and removable container, suitable for dressings and toppings. PP Plastic.

from £2.36

Large plastic container with a clip-over lid that is available in a range of colours.

from £2.61

Food tongs with a nylon blade and TPR handle.

from £2.73

Plastic kitchen timer with minute and second modes and magnetic back. Batteries included.

from £3.16

With metal grips on the inner side of both sides and rubber seal, the stopper will stay tightly on the bottle once you buckle it on the underside of the annulus on the bottleneck of any standard size sparkling wine or champagne bottle.

from £3.69

Two 21.5 cm stainless steels straws, two silicone tips, a straw brush, and a cotton pouch. Straws are suitable for cold drinks and are dishwasher safe.

from £4.00

Melamine heat resistant chopping/cheese board with white or wood grain cutting side. Special shapes are available.



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