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Aluminium foil isolation blanket. Packaged in a polybag. Measurements: 130 x 210 cm.

from £5.10

Huggy blanket and pouch. Blanket with handy pouch and drawstring closure. Blanket size is 150 x 120 cm. Fleece 200 g/m².

from £5.34

Fleece (190 gr/m2) travel blanket with nylon carrying handle, unfolded size +/- 115 cm x 135 cm.

from £5.40

Polar fleece (170-180 gr/m2) blanket with a nylon carry strap. Unfolded size 160 x 125 cm.

from £6.13

Fleece blanket with nylon handle. 180 gr/m2 fleece.

from £7.06

Fleece blanket (180 g/m2) packed in a polyester carry bag with zipper and front pocket.

from £8.82

Stow and Go outdoor blanket. Ultra compact and water resistant outdoor blanket. The 110 x 140 cm blanket folds down to a compact 10 x 15 cm and stows easily into the attached pouch with carabiner. Ideal for picnics, outdoor fun days and festivals. Polyester.

from £9.89

Classic tartan patterned blanket with a handle for easy carrying. Includes a front pocket on the flap. Blanket size is 135 x 120 cm.

from £10.10

Fleece (150 gr/m2) blanket, with plastic back, folded and packed in a pouch with nylon carry strap, unfolded size +/-130 x 120 cm.

from £10.93

Foldable fleece blanket with plastic coated PEVA reverse side.

from £11.01

Foldable acrylic picnic blanket with plastic coated EPE reverse side.

from £11.94

180 gr/m2 Flannel fleece blanket wrapped in ribbon and printable card.



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