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Help to save the environment with our eco-friendly car charger. Made from 50% wheat straw and 50% PLA (biodegradable polymer), the car charger helps to save our planet. It plugs into the cigarette lighter socket in your car, and comes available with two USB ports for you to charge multiple devices.The charger measures 66.8x42.33mm, and comes available with 1-4/full colour print across a 22x13mm area, ensuring that you can showcase your brand or your message on an eco-friendly product.

from £2.64

The Wheat Straw 4-in-1 Charging Cable is perfect for connecting all of your devices to any USB power source.There is 60% wheat straw used in the product casing making it eco friendly. The leads have Lightning, Type-C, Micro USB & USB fittings. Supplied in a Zip Lock bag as standard.

from £5.36

ABS and wheat straw fibre wireless charger. The charging power is 5W, with 5V/2A input. The base contains a silicone circle so the equipment does not move while charging. Includes 1 metre micro USB cable. Supplied in kraft paper box.

from £6.30

The charger has a TYPE-C input port and is supplied with a 30cm USB to TYPE-C charging cable. Will charge most QI enabled devices.

from £7.67

Bamboo Wireless charger. 5V/2A input and maximum output power of 5W. Includes a 1m USB/micro USB cable for charging. Compatible with smartphones with wireless charging technology. Supplied in a kraft paper gift box.

from £8.35

Reduce wheat straw waste with our eco-friendly wireless charger made wheat straw and ABS. This modern charger is supplied with QI technology, 2 USB outputs and a USB to micro USB cable for charging your smartphone or mobile device at your office desk or at home. Handy compact size for everyday travel.

from £8.50

Wireless charger with QI technology and charging base in bamboo wood. Non-slip base, compatible with devices equipped with wireless charging technology and presented in an attractive design box. USB cable included.

from £8.92

Tech Product of the year - this charging cable supports charging to 60W - suitable for laptops, tablets and phones. Cable made from certified recycled plastic.

from £11.08

Bamboo wireless charger and smartphone holder. It has a wireless charging power of 10W. Compatible with smartphones with wireless charging technology. The bamboo support consists of 2 disassembled parts. Includes a 1 metre cable. Supplied in a kraft paper gift box. 140 x 80 x 8 mm.

from £11.68

Bamboo portable battery with capacity of 5.000 mAh. This battery has 5V/2A input/output, 2 micro-USB inputs and 1 USB output.

from £11.75

Wheat straw fibre and ABS mobile phone holder with dual coil wireless charger. With a fast charging power of 10W and with 5V/2A and 9V/1.67A inputs. Includes 1 metre micro USB charging cable. Supplied in kraft paper box.

from £12.62

Simply connect the stand to a power source, place your phone on and voila! It will charge. With an LED indicator light to show when powered up and a stylish natural looking base, this is the perfect tech promo. Individually packed in cardboard box with micro-USB connection cable and user instruction manual.



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