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Provides protection against hackers potentially spying on you, as well as preventing scratches on the camera. Once aligned over the webcam, it needs to be pressed firmly for a few seconds for a strong seal. Then the camera can be blocked/unblocked by sliding the flap to the side. Due to its thin design it does not prevent laptops from closing perfectly. Compatible with most electronic devices with camera.

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100% recycled. A neat and practical way of protecting your privacy. Complete with sliding section so you can slide open when you want to use your web cam and slide closed for security.

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Push Privacy Camera Blocker. This camera blocker is perfect for protecting your digital life from hackers spying on you and avoiding scratches on the camera. Simply align to your webcam, attach and press firmly for a few seconds for a strong seal. Slide over to block/unblock camera. Does not prevent laptops from closing perfectly. Compatible with most electronic devices with camera. Plastic.

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Plastic webcam cover with built-in screen cleaner Protect your privacy from hackers by covering your webcam when not in use Simply slide the cover over your laptop or tablet to hide te webcam Webcam cover can be removed and reused time and again Additional covers are available from Far East stock

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Camera Blockers in Case. A clear case containing 3 individual camera blockers designed to protect your mobile devices from webcam hackers. Simply attach and press firmly to the camera lens of your device. The blocker covers your webcams when not in use and slides open when you need to use your webcam. It also locks in place to ensure the cover doesn't slide open. It can be used to cover the front camera of phones, tablets, and most laptops and PCs. ABS Plastic.

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2-in-1 Keyring Charging Cable is the practial way to carry a charging cable with you on the goCharge from any USB power source by lightning or micro-USB dual tip with this fast charging speedsMagnetically clips together making it easy to carry with you on your keys Available in a wide range of standard colours

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Metal ring that sticks to the back of your mobile phone to act as a handsfree stand Slot your finger through the rotating ring for added security when in use

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An anti-static glass cleaner suitable for all types of glasses, sunglasses, mobile phone, kindles and computer screens. Includes microfibre cleaning cloth and 7.5ml cleaning spray in a clear PVC pouch.

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3-in-1 magnetic keyring USB cable with type C and reversible 5 pin (iPhone) and micro USB (Android) adaptors. Comes complete with a large plastic tag and to carry your branding. The micro USB casing pulls open to reveal the 5 pin connector inside. There's a strong magnet holding the adaptors together creating a loop perfect to attach to your keys. Available in white.

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Plastic 3-in1 light up charger keyring Your logo will grab attention and shine bright as the engraved logo lights up when plugged in! It has adaptors including USB, type C and reversible 5 pin (iPhone) and micro USB (Android) All 4 sides can be engraved at an additional cost

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You can now have multiple charging cables all on one unit, perfect for when you're out and about A pocket sized essential including USB, 5 pin (iPhone), type C android and micro USB connectors

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ABS wireless optical computer mouse, 2,4Ghz. An energy saving mouse with hidden Nano receiver and scroll wheel in the middle. Batteries included.



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